Silver Jubilee/Golden Jubilee

Silver & Golden Jubilees

A Love Story for the Ages

Wrap Arts Makes Silver & Golden Jubilees Timeless

Silver and Golden Jubilees – milestones that celebrate the enduring strength and beauty of love. Wrap Arts helps you create a celebration that reflects the depth of your commitment and the joy of a life shared.

A Silver Symphony

Celebrate 25 years of marriage with a sophisticated and elegant theme. Imagine luxurious gift hampers overflowing with gourmet treats, soothing scents, scented candles and burst of chocolates for both partners. These thoughtful gifts set the tone for a romantic and relaxing celebration.

Golden Grandeur

Mark 50 years of marriage with a celebration that exudes grandeur and elegance. Wrap Arts offers a curated selection of exquisite return gifts for guests. Think elegant scarves for the ladies, personalized flasks for the gentlemen, or beautifully handcrafted keepsakes that reflect your gratitude for their love and support.

A Timeless Bond

Every detail matters! Wrap Arts offers personalized stationery for your invitations and thank-you notes, creating keepsakes that reflect the enduring nature of your love. Enhance the presentation with stunning display platters showcasing cherished photos from your journey together, adding a sentimental touch to the celebration.

Let us help you create a Silver or Golden Jubilee celebration that's as unique and special as your love story.


Customized Gifting

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